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AMTSupports Students and Educators

Program directors can use this guide to help allied health students on
their quest for a quality credential that employers respect.


1. Get your students started on the right path with AMTEdge.

AMTEdge Student Readiness Program
Connect your students to a suite of resources
and activities designed to help and encour-
age students to achieve certification.
As students continue their studies and
prepare for certification, AMTEdge offers:
  • Access to a community of like-minded students
  • Interactive activities
  • Test preparation resources
  • Support to help pass the certification exam and
    secure a job after graduation
Share these resources with your students via email, or include links in your syllabus

Share AMTBlog posts about the
importance of certification for
employment and the value of a
rigorous credential.

Get the word out to your
students about certification with
FREE student
and .

2. Help students apply for certification.
Direct Students to Apply Online
Between coursework and busy personal lives,
your students will appreciate your guidance.
Help them apply for certification here.
Set up your students for success by ensuring
they apply for certification. We keep the
process simple.

Don't Miss These Important Application Steps for Students

Send students

Provide them with your
organization ID to link their
application to your school.

If your school pays on behalf of
your students, make a bulk pur-
chase and provide your students
a coupon code.

3. Prepare students for the certification exam.

Share links to the resources below with your students.

Must-have Tools for the AMTExam

Direct your students to 色中色app's
* to help ease test
anxiety and boost confidence.

Students can use the exam
content outline as a checklist of
the material that will be covered
on the test and work their way
through topics as they study.

Encourage students who need
extra support to take a

* Bulk purchasing is available if you want to purchase exams for your students.


4. Have your students schedule their exam.

Direct students to the AMTwebsite to schedule their exam at a Pearson VUE testing center.
Where to Test
Otherwise, students
can take the exam at one of the hundreds of
Pearson VUE testing center locations across
the country by scheduling their exam at their
Don't Forget
Students must receive a confirmation from
AMTthat they are cleared to take the exam.
They will receive an email, and they can
check their status on My AMTPortal at any
time. Students can test before they complete
their externship.

5. Track students progress with powerful reporting.
Access Reporting Tools
AMTprovides easy access to an array of
reporting tools when you log into My
AMTPortal as an authorized school
Keep track of student progress toward certi-
fication and the uptake of resources like the
practice exams. Target your support toward
those who need it most.
Tracking Ideas for Program Directors

Monitor student application
status, practice exam results and
review course registration with
色中色app's detailed reporting tools.

Use practice exam results to
identify student knowledge gaps
and target improvements in your

See pass/fail rates and compare
them to national benchmarks.

6. Send AMTyour students' official transcripts after graduation.

This final step in the process ensures your students complete the certification requirements and
officially launch their careers.

Set Your Students up for Success

Encourage your students to join the AMTEdge Student Readiness Program at least three months before com-
pleting their program. You can begin preparing your students for certification from day one by helping them see
the immediate and lasting impact of certification on their careers and the importance of choosing a reputable
credentialing partner.

Resources for Students
See all that AMThas to offer students as they
prepare for certification–from profession
profiles to interactive study tools.
Stay on Track
Keep tabs on progress with a checklist outlining the
important milestones in certifying your students.


Advance your school

Increase your school & student's success.