AMTSponsored HOSA Phlebotomy Competition


AMTis excited to partner with HOSA for a new competitive event in phlebotomy. The competition will test students on their knowledge and essential skills of blood drawing.

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AMTis a not-for-profit certification agency and professional membership association for 11 allied healthcare certifications in the medical, dental, and laboratory fields. Since 1939 AMThas been nationally recognized for the credentialing reputation and diverse membership affiliation benefits it provides. Today, AMTis the membership society of choice to more than 100,000 allied healthcare professionals.

Event Summary

Visit the for rules, guidelines sample questions, scenarios and grading rubrics.

Round One: Written Test

50 Multiple Choice Items Topics Include:

Round Two: Hands-On Skills Assessment

Study Resources

Hands-On Resources

  • Venipuncture Training Arm & Supplies


Why Phlebotomy?

A Solid Foundation for a Healthcare Career

Phlebotomy is a valuable skill in the delivery of healthcare. Certified phlebotomists can make a career on this skill alone, or they can use it to ladder up to a variety of other medical careers, such as patient care technician (PCT) medial assistant, nurse or even physician.

More to Explore for Competitors

AMTSupports Your Phlebotomy Career.

More to Explore for Competitors

AMTSupports Your Phlebotomy Career.

A Career in Phlebotomy

Allows you to work in multiple settings. Most employers want phlebotomists to have a certification or diploma. See what it takes to become a working phlebotomist.

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Certifying through 色中色app

AMTas a phlebotomist through AMTcomes with many benefits, including the opportunity to apply for the Dorothy "Mimi" Roush Phlebotomy Endowment, a scholarship that offers free exams to aspiring phlebotomists.

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AMTSupports Students

AMTsupports students every step of the way toward certification. From study tools to the Edge Student Readiness Program, there are multiple resources available at no cost to help you achieve your goals of becoming a certified phlebotomist.

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Resources for HOSA Advisors

AMTSupports Your School and Students.


AMThelps educators support students. The AMTwebsite is full of student study aids and easy-to-follow instructions for guiding students through the certification process.

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AMTLab 色中色apps

Phlebotomy can be the first step in a rewarding career in the medical laboratory. Learn all the pathways to success students can take with a foundation in phlebotomy.

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Get Your School Affiliated

Interested in affiliating your phlebotomy program with AMTor getting your students certified? Learn how to set your program and your students up for success.

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