Dental Assisting Radiography


Are you eligible for DAR certification?

Applicants must meet one of the following routes to be eligible to challenge a DAR certification exam.

Required Documentation


Applicant shall be a graduate of, or is scheduled to graduate from, a dental assisting program that includes instruction in dental radiography in the curriculum.*

*The program or institution must be accredited by a regional or national accreditation agency approved by the US Department of Education (DOE), the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) or otherwise approved by the AMTBoard of Directors. 

(The DAR credential is not a substitute for compliance with any licensing or regulatory requirements that an individual state may impose.)

Applicants Must Submit the Following:  

  • Official final transcript provided by the school, showing graduation from a dental assistant program that includes dental radiography.

Work Experience

Applicant shall have been employed as a dental assistant or as a dental assisting instructor for a minimum of one year (1,560 hours), during which dental radiography would have been performed or taught as an aspect of the dental assistant work role.

Work requirement total is assumed to be the equivalent of a minimum of 30 hours per week (1,560 total hours) and may be a combination of part time settings.

(The DAR credential is not a substitute for compliance with any licensing or regulatory requirements that an individual state may impose.)

Applicants Must Submit the Following:

  • A copy of your high school diploma, GED, or equivalent.
  • A minimum of 1,560 total hours of documented, relevant, work experience that is verified by 色中色app. (This requirement is equivalent to one year of experience at 30 hours per week and may be a combination of part time settings extending past the period of a year.)

Want help choosing the application route that’s right for you?

Once Eligible You Can Apply

Complete application and submit fee online.

Once you are eligible you can apply. Submit a separate application for each certification.

Pay fee*


*Fees are non-refundable and include application, exam and first annual fee.

Utilize AMTstudy resources to increase testing confidence.

Dental Assisting Radiography (DAR)

Once you receive notification from AMTwith approval you may proceed.

Schedule the exam

If you are taking the exam at your school, your instructor will provide information about the exam date and time. If you are taking the exam at a one of the hundreds of Pearson VUE testing center locations across the country, you will schedule your own exam.

To cancel or reschedule

Call Pearson VUE at 1-888-846-6941 24 hours prior to your exam. If you are late or don’t show, you must pay a retesting fee to reschedule.

Take the Exam

Arrive 30 minutes prior to exam time with the required testing items:

  1. Authorization letter
  2. Two forms of valid identification
    • Both must have your first and last name identical to your name on your authorization letter
    • Both must bear your signature
    • One form must be a photo ID, either a driver’s license, state ID card, military ID, or passport

After the Exam

  • Results are available after the exam and are sent to AMTwithin 48 hours
  • All documentation MUST be complete to receive certification
  • Official certificate will arrive in the mail within 7-14 days
  • You may download your certified member card from My AMTPortal.


If you receive a failing score, you will need to retake the entire exam.

  • Retake is permitted no sooner than 45 days from previous attempt
  • A non-refundable fee is required for each additional attempt
  • You are limited to 4 exam attempts for any one certification
  • Consult the AMTstudy resources to prepare for a retake